Site Checklist:

  • Home
    • More information.
    • Replace placeholder photos.
    • Double check copy. 
    • Contact information?
  • What We Do
    • Re-order information
    • Find relevant quote or quotes
    • About Us, more information. 
  • How We Do It:
    • Ideally, the evolution of a single piece of furniture.
    • Or, a couple different pieces, illustrating craftsmanship and technique. 
    • Close ups, lots of wood grain. This page should be enticing. 
  • Showroom:
    • Gather existing, new, and previous photos. 
    • Gallery of finished pieces.
  • Contact:
    • Last stop, by this point customers should be ready to contact in order to buy or commission. 
    • Better banner image, exterior? Maybe a workshop photo.
    • Contact information should be moved above the map. 

Photo List:

Establishing (18-24mm):

  • Exterior
  • Entrance
  • Shop front area
  • Shop back area
  • Crafstmen working
  • Group photo(?)

Close-Up (50mm):

  • Wood grain
  • Wood wall
  • Tools
  • Finished furniture
  • Live-edge contrast against polished wood grain
  • Craftsmen working

Mixed (50mm, 135mm):

  • Wood mill establishing
  • Close ups of wood being processed
  • Wide establishing shot of mill
  • Live-edges
  • Finished work for area businesses
    • Stumptown
    • Law Firms

Photos Needed for Website:

  • Home
    • At least three, wood, workers, tools, finished products.
    • Small photos for How, What page links.
  • What We Do
    • Banner image.
    • Smaller photos for work detail.
  • How We Do It
    • Banner image.
    • A couple photos in succession of a piece of furniture from start to finish, accentuating each step. 
  • Showroom
    • Finished pieces ready to go out, examples of past work. 
  • Contact
    • Banner image.
    • Maybe one or two of the exterior.